Virtual Nanny

A Solution to help parents babysit their babies and toddlers

About Vanny

VANNY (Virtual nANNY) is an ML, AI, and IoT solution to help parents babysit their babies and toddlers. VANNY uses Raspberry PI 4, a camera, a microphone, a speaker, an Android application


Detect Danger

Detect all forms of danger around the toddler (fire, strangers, sharp objects, source of light in the night, loud noises, etc), and report it immediately to parents

Real-Time Security

Give parents the ability to watch their toddlers real-time and soothe them with lullabies, remotely, when they cry.

Save Important Data

Record the “instance” when a danger is detected

Audio Analysis

Analyse crying patterns, like duration, loudness, frequency, especially in the night

Movement Analysis

Analyse movement patterns, like duration, frequency, length

Lullaby Management

Record lullabies or get them from the internet and play them for the toddler


Mohamed Wasim Mohamed Akram

Bilkent University

Esad Ismail Tök

Bilkent University

Abdul Razak Daher Khatib

Bilkent University

Elifnur Alsaç

Bilkent University


Project Specification Document


Analysis Requirements Report


Detailed Design Report


Final Report


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